In this article I am going to give you a clinically proven, sound, safe and effective weight loss exercise routine. For some reason there is always someone shouting and screaming at you from the television and telling you that they have found the one and only exercise program that will flatten your belly, tone and lift your buttocks, get rid of the fat on your hips and thighs and even get rid of your cellulite. All for the low price of six monthly payments of $19.95. So you have $120.oo to waste go ahead and order those programs but if you would like to save your money and truly lose weight then read the rest of my article.When you are trying to shed pounds there is no way around doing it without exercising properly. Some people swear by resistance training exercise like weightlifting and others believe that nothing but cardiovascular exercise like bike riding will reduce your body weight. Well I am here to tell you that both types of exercise are necessary and that one without the other will give you poor results.

First I recommend you purchase a heart rate monitor order to determine the intensity level at which you were working out. For those of you that are just beginning your weight loss journey I recommend that you perform cardiovascular exercise is such as bike riding, walking outside or on the tread mill and even dancing. It really does not matter what cardiovascular activity you choose to do as long as you do something. I actually recommend to most of my patients that they ride a stationary bike in front of the TV while they were watching their favorite television program.

Now for a beginning program in order to achieve fat loss your heart rate should normally be somewhere between 60% to 70% of your maximum heart rate. At 60% of your maximum heart rate you are just tip-toeing the fat burning zone and at 70% you are right in the middle of your fat burning zone.

I would recommend that you perform your favorite cardiovascular activities for 60 consecutive minutes seven days a week. At this intensity level during the first 30 minutes of your exercise you will be making your heart very healthy and also burning all of the sugar that is in your system. From minute 31 on is when you will actually be burning your adipose tissue. You see as long as there is sugar in your blood stream your body will always burn that for fuel instead of burning your body fat.

In addition to this I would recommend that you perform some type of resistance training two days a week. Many people believe that they have to exercise at a gym or spa and fitness club; however, this is not true. Whether you were working out on an expensive bench-press machine or exercising with inexpensive rubber tubing doing the same bench-press the end result will be the same.

As far as your body is concerned both of these exercises provide resistance to the chest muscles and the results will be the same. The body does not take into consideration the fact that you have spent a ton of money to belong to that fitness club in order to work out on that shiny expensive piece of equipment.

Personally, I have worked down on these fancy exercise machines and with the rubber tubing and believe it or not I developed a leaner more muscular physique when I used the tubing.

Here is the routine for the resistance training:

Leg press two sets of 10 repetitions

Bench-press two sets of 10 repetitions

Back rows two sets of 10 repetitions

Shoulder press two sets of 10 repetitions

Bicep curls two sets of 10 repetitions

Triceps press two sets of 10 repetitions

For these exercises you want to use a weight or tubing that you can only perform 8 perfect repetitions. When you can complete 10 perfect repetitions than it is time to increase the weight or thickness of tubing.

Okay yeah you are exercising the right way, it's time to eat the right way. Let's start by cutting processed foods that are man-made. Try to avoid eating everything that is made out of wheat and flour.

Stop eating all types of sugar. Stop drinking alcohol.

You should be eating vegetables and lots of them. The more vegetables you eat the skinnier you will be. Try to eat lots of leafy green vegetables and cruciferous vegetables. You should also try to eat 2 to 3 ounces of lean and healthy protein at breakfast lunch and dinner.

The above program should be all that you need to lose weight and keep it off. However, because of various issues some people may need a more personal type of weight loss program. People that follow the routine listed in this article and do not lose weight may have problems with their metabolic system, hormonal imbalances or a body that is just totally burned out from past weight loss attempts.

If you have a hormonal balance this can be detected by performing a simple and inexpensive saliva test. Usually we would have you take samples of your saliva over a 24 to 48 hour time period and then we ship it off to the lab and presto we have a complete report on your hormone levels.

If your hormones are not the problem usually you have a metabolic issue. This can be taken care of with the use of simple supplements. We would work to get your body healthy balance your systems and in a matter of a few weeks you should finally start losing weight.

So you see that with the proper information and instruction weight loss can easily be achieved.

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